About Us

About us

Akustic Communications and Entertainment is a full-service events, content production, venue management and consulting company based both in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Amsterdam, Netherland. The company offers complete event planning and management services, entertainment and special event coordination, high-quality consular occasions, trade fairs and event promotions. 

Our company offers event management consulting services including long-range planning, needs assessments, training, and general management assistance. Our services are available throughout the country and around the world to help companies, organizations, investors, business owners, embassies, fairs and festivals, event venues and governmental offices present highly-effective events.

We pride ourselves as we pay attention to details and an ‘Extreme Theme’ approach to quality event presentations. Our philosophy demands that we set global standards for interactive communication and outstanding performance in the fields of international event management, trade fairs, communications, marketing and service managements.

Akustic Communications and Entertainment executes services competitive with global standards, and is immensely proud of its African roots.

Event Management

For us, the process of event management never stops, having been developed to allow us to enhance our client’s strategic ambitions, enabling their vision to become a reality.

Our project management process enables us to develop and plan large scale events from awards ceremonies, conferences, company gatherings, special dinners and themed events, to launch events, trade fairs, consular events and team building activities.

Whatever your event concept, we work tirelessly to positively promote your brand and ensure that your message is delivered effectively to your target audience.

Our event planning services include audio visual, budget management, catering, delegate management, entertainment, event security, health & safety, stage set design, transportation and venue finding.

Marketing & Branding


We are a close team of creative professionals based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We leverage our business knowledge and digital expertise to cover the complete customer experience, identifying strategic growth opportunities from every angle with focus on driving outcomes and meeting your goals depending on the type of business you are engaged in.

Our skill set is specific and fine-tuned. We are strategic brand specialists at heart. We create high-quality strategic marketing and advertising campaigns that enable businesses to appeal to the emotions of their audiences.

We create marketing initiatives that promote growth and enrich the lives of people in business and their communities around the world. 

Our experience working with different companies in Ethiopia such as Hineken Breweries, Holland Dairy, Ethiopian Airlines, DIAGEO and many others firms puts an addition to our expertise to complete tasks given to us.


We create a strong voice for your business. We build a powerful identity and raise brand awareness. We will help you elevate and accelerate your brand, gain new clients and support you throughout the journey.

We create beautiful visuals to elevate our pitch. We set up experiences that make your brand shine. Most importantly, we build better media relationships with timely and creative ideas.

We will take full responsibility to produce amazing logos, company websites, product labels and social media campaign graphic designs that help visualize the story behind your products or services.

Digital Marketing

We deliver all-inclusive digital experiences to our clients using our online promotion strategy, awareness, engagement and customer loyalty methods to deliver our clients the best online solutions for their business.

Our digital marketing strategies are built on innovation and creative excellence. We stay on the cutting edge of digital challenging each other at every step to further your business through engaging digital experiences on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and now Tik Tok.

Efficiency , Promptness & Competency