Our Services

Trade Fairs

We design and execute international trade fair events in Africa and several parts of the world where many companies in Africa and specially Europe, that are engaged in different sectors can showcase their products and services. These trade fairs open doors for the participants as they are expected to meet with potential importers, investors and exporters.

The programs are intended for companies that desire to develop their businesses and take full advantage of the export opportunities. The events also present the platform for advanced technologies from several companies in Europe that will help to avoid for instance, the low- in Africa with traditional cultivation methods in agriculture.

Conference Management 

We create immersive conferences which enable our clients to communicate effectively to their target audience and positively strengthen their brand.

Whether you’re organizing an annual sales conference, international summit or product launch, we can provide the necessary support to ensure your conference not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Launch Events

A product launch is arguably one of the most exciting type of events we host. We understand that the success of any launch event rests on the successful delivery of your message, and in order to do so, we provide a whole host of innovative technical solutions which positively promote your brand. Whether it’s the launch of an exciting new product, retail outlet, factory opening or official visit, we work alongside major brands to deliver truly momentous occasions.

Online Virtual Meetings

Today, as the world faces an unprecedented challenge, virtual events are the only game in town for businesses that need to stay connected.

But there’s a lot of noise about what online events are, the technology you need, and how to deliver them effectively. Our team, with our audio-visual equipment are ready to serve you with selected destinations from anywhere in the world.

And whatever option you decide on, with an in-house creative team ready and waiting to generate whatever content you need to deliver your event, we’ll ensure the transition from actual to virtual is pain-free, productive and entirely seamless.

Corporate Parties

Whatever your vision, our party planning experts are here to put your ideas to reality. We’ll appoint a dedicated specialist to your event who’ll kick the process off with a discovery session, aimed at getting to the heart of precisely what your vision is, how best to achieve it and everything in between.

Either working as an additional resource or consultant alongside you and your existing team, or managing the whole project from start to finish, the level of involvement can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

But whatever you decide, we’ll work tirelessly to communicate your brand message to ensure an engaging and memorable occasion.


Our years of experience working with several bands and artists helps us bring you your favorite artists to your event. We are dedicated to  create the best sound and stage in accordance with the number of audience, book venues, sign contracts with artists and bands, secure venues and take charge in ticket sales and entrance fees.

Akustic Communications strives to have the most lit concert that will make the pictures make it to major social media pages with thousands of audience. 

Whatever your vision, we combine creativity with a vast collection of props, drapes, lighting, special effects, entertainment and table décor to provide totally unique experiences.